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18 Apr 2017
11:19 am

Are there PlayStations in heaven, Dad?

Citizen Reporter

I also had to explain why Easter eggs are so cruelly hollow, instead of solid chocolate.

The things that kids say is what I should start calling this weekly column, as my twins (as well as their cousins who were over at our place for Easter holidays), never cease to amaze me.

The wifey hooked them up with a treasure hunt on one of the days and they thoroughly enjoyed this, as it was coupled with a few terms and conditions. If you know my better half, it sounds like her to have them qualify for the hunt by coming up with a few maths questions, as well as a reading exercise. Terms and conditions definitely applied.

This aptitude test is probably what piqued their interest about all things to do with this time of the year, and I bore the brunt of the questions. The first was around them being able to die and rise after that, as they doubt they will be able to take their tablets, Sony Playstations and bicycles into heaven. Clearly, they are having so much fun they want a second chance at life.

My sister-in-law was then posed with the classic: “When is Jesus Christ’s birthday?”, probably with the idea of a raucous party, lots of gifts and way too much cake. Of course, since they know it all, they then answered their question themselves, letting me know that God was never born, so He does not have a birthday. The realisation of not having one more birthday did not sit too well with them.

However, one of the most contentious issues was how disappointed they were about some of the Easter eggs that they have seen over the years. How can someone waste so much space and air by coming up with a hollow Easter egg? They kept asking me why people are so evil, coming up with concepts such as lying, gambling and worst of all, hollow Easter eggs? Unforgivable!

Can you imagine not being able to nurture such curious minds because your medical aid refuses to pay for educational psychology? It turns out more and more kids are being denied access to these services due to what is being termed a “change of scope of practice”. All of this is negatively affecting our kids, something that will eventually impact our nation.

I love the fact that most kids have no inhibitions when it comes to certain topics, such as Easter eggs, but this is not the case for some of our kids, all because of red tape. Hopefully they sort it out before any more harm is done to these fragile minds.

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

Sbusiso Mkhwanazi