Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
11 Oct 2019
6:14 am

Take your breasts seriously

Dirk Lotriet

As a teenage boy in the ’80s, I had good reason to suspect that female breasts were the most exciting things on earth.

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My classmates whispered about them whenever the opportunity presented itself, which was most of the day. The American Medical Association says a total of 251,000 people were killed by guns throughout the world in 2016. The Cancer Journal for Clinicians reports that 626,000 died of breast cancer in the same year. The shocking truth is that female breasts have become much more dangerous than guns. Breast cancer is not a women’s problem. Men get it, too. It is often men who discover the first telltale lumps. It’s time that my gender accepts its responsibility to fight as hard against this...