Martin Williams
3 minute read
16 Oct 2019
6:25 am

Zuptas nailed, no one jailed

Martin Williams

Some journalists are uncovering evidence which, on the surface, would seem to be enough for successful prosecution.

Ajay and Atul Gupta. File photo

Although no Zuptas have been jailed, there have been at least three big steps forward in the fight against corruption over the past week. And some steps backward in law enforcement. The significance of the Asset Forfeiture Unit raids against Zandile Gumede lies not in the headline-grabbing Lamborghini, Porsches, Jaguars and other fancy vehicles seized. Nor in the R50 million price tag of goods recovered. Rather, it was the position the ousted mayor has held since 2015 as chair of the ANC’s most populous region, eThekwini. In that capacity she was able to bring a big chunk of votes to...