William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
19 Oct 2019
6:20 am

In disciplinary matters, SA doctors face a minefield

William Saunderson-Meyer

The level at which the failures of doctors will be addressed appears to be a matter of luck. Life may be a lottery but medical practice is worse. It’s a rigged game.

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If you work for the public service, its very easy to fall foul of the petty tyrants of what is laughably called the “human resources” department. Doctors seem to have it particularly hard. A recent example how wrong things can go with internal disciplinary processes is the three young Tygerberg doctors who were variously given final warnings, suspended and fired for “stealing” two broken armchairs. They were, however, fortunate in that although their initial internal appeal had been dismissed, the case became a cause célèbre. As is the instinctive response of any creepy-crawly when their dank refuge is exposed to...