Zamikhaya Maseti
3 minute read
23 Oct 2019
7:05 am

Think Piece – Patrice Motsepe comes to govt’s land party

Zamikhaya Maseti

The private sector has been a spectator for long. The walls have to come down and Patrice Motsepe is the right man to make it happen.

Cosafa backs Patrice Motsepe for Caf presidency (Pic: Moneyweb)

Businessperson Patrice Motsepe’s plan for a multibillion fund for black farmers is a step in the right direction. It simply means in the long term the private sector will not be risk averse but, instead, have an increased appetite for small farmers – particularly land reform beneficiaries and communal land. The fund will give more impetus to the R3.9 billion President Cyril Ramaphosa promised during his State of the Nation address in June. The private sector must be brave enough to get involved in supporting the land reform programme. The biggest challenge facing land reform is underused agricultural land. The...