Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
29 Oct 2019
4:52 pm

What is justice?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

If seeing people get punished fulfils our sense of justice, do we have to go through the entire rigmarole of all the court things? Can’t we just condemn them and be done with it?

Nicholas Ninow appears in court during the third day of his trial. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Have you ever heard somebody saying the court has declared somebody innocent? We hear it often. We also hear the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” a lot. Not only does it make little sense to many, especially when evidence is so prevalent, but it is also legally incorrect to say such a thing. There is no court in the world that has the power to confer innocence on any person. Now you’d probably ask, "But then won’t everybody just be considered 'guilty'?" And that’s where we have it wrong. It’s wrong to think of criminality as something that is as...