Martin Williams
3 minute read
13 Nov 2019
6:22 am

Shall the DA in Joburg remain at the EFF’s tender mercies?

Martin Williams

A recent DA review concluded that forming a government with the EFF’s support in Johannesburg was a mistake.

The Johannesburg skyline is seen as jacaranda trees flower in the foreground, 20 October 2019. Picture: Michel Bega

No one knows who’ll be mayor of South Africa’s biggest city after Herman Mashaba’s resignation, effective November 27. The Democratic Alliance (DA) has not yet chosen a Johannesburg mayoral candidate. Nor will the DA’s choice necessarily prevail when council sits on November 28. DA federal leadership has not pronounced on arrangements with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). In 2016, Mashaba was elected with EFF support. This time, Julius Malema says the EFF will field a candidate. So too will the ANC, which has 122 councillors, compared to the DA’s 103 and the EFF’s 30. The DA and EFF together will...