Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
12 Nov 2019
5:32 pm

The disjuncture between SA law and SA education

Richard Anthony Chemaly

It’s all good and well to have a great and nuanced legal system, but when you try governing a population struggling with an education system that teaches nothing of it, many of the complexities can be lost in translation.

Richard Anthony Chemaly. Entertainment attorney, radio broadcaster and lecturer of communication ethics.

Perhaps I’m lying. I know that they include some human rights in the school syllabus somewhere but to simply tell children you have rights and then go on to list them is grossly inadequate. Take two prominent rights. For this example let’s say equality and freedom (as an amalgamation of various freedom related rights). In isolation, two totally cool concepts. Put them together in a jar to try stir them up and you’ll have an easier time mixing oil and water. Recently, these complex rights antagonisms were brought to light in the Constitutional Court in relation to the language policy...