Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
20 Nov 2019
6:20 am

It’s hard to identify fake news these days

Cliff Buchler

'We have to meet, Ace. Things are getting out of hand. The pressure is on me to put pressure on you. About the farm in the ...'

This picture is used for illustrative purposes only. Picture: AFP/Miguel Schincariol

Using the red phone, the president rings Albert Luthuli House. “Good day, this is Albert Luthuli House. If you want covert payments, press one; if you want to speak with the secretary-general, press two.” The president presses two. “You have reached the secretary-general’s number. If you want to make payments, press one. If you want to find out how to make payments, press two. If you want to speak directly to the SG, key in your contact number and he will get back to you.” The president keys in his numbers. “Hello, this is the SG’s number. Please identify yourself...