Ben Trovato
5 minute read
21 Nov 2019
12:42 am

Campaign trails v camp trailers

Ben Trovato

At the age of 22, Steenhuisen was elected to the then Durban City Council. At the age of 22, I was arrested for a bankie of Durban Poison. His parents were very proud. Mine, less so.

I was planning to write about John Steenhuisen, heir apparent to the Democratic Alliance throne. We have a lot in common – something I realised with mounting alarm when I made the mistake of googling his name. If it weren’t for the disparity in age, we might have been childhood friends, getting drunk together for the first time, kissing our first girls ... although I’m sure even back then he would have started kissing my girl the moment I left the room. Both born in Durban, we even attended the same school. The badge sported a knight’s helmet with the...