Chisom Jenniffer Okoye
3 minute read
22 Nov 2019
6:30 am

Choose your role models wisely, young people

Chisom Jenniffer Okoye

The danger of choosing a role model because you admire what they have, is that they could end up distracting you from the real qualities that will help you in life.

Some of the twelve influencers who were tapped for the #ShareTheBay campaign | Image: by Don Kat Seles

Cynically, I watch as social media “influencers” take time from their perfect worlds to warn us “out there” not to believe everything we see on social (even mainstream) media – that everything is not as it seems. These are the same people who build their brands off showing us all the things we desire to have, but almost always fail to tell us when we shouldn’t believe them. As I grow older, I find that I harbour this same distrust with almost every segment of the media and the information I consume about people’s personal lives. We all know of...