Martin Williams
3 minute read
27 Nov 2019
6:23 am

EFF hyenas are prowling around mayorless Joburg

Martin Williams

If the EFF is an impediment to upholding the rule of law, protecting property rights and delivering services, don’t throw residents and councillors to the dogs.

Whenever EFF leader Julius Malema takes to the podium, we are sure that we will be left either laughing or crying. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

With Herman Mashaba leaving the Johannesburg mayoral office today, decisions are being made about the relationship of the Democratic Alliance (DA) with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The way our democracy works, such decisions are taken by party leadership, not by ward councillors or voters. Last week DA interim leader John Steenhuisen said: “We are committed to ensuring we don’t throw Joburg back to the wolves.” Meaning the party will not let the ANC reclaim power. Indeed, it would be bad if the ANC were back in control. On the other hand, there is a perception that hyenas are feasting....