Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
21 Jan 2020
1:45 pm

When short dresses inspire long debates

Richard Anthony Chemaly

ANC Youth League spokesperson Sizophila Mkhize vented her frustration on social media while explaining that she could not attend the ANC’s national executive committee’s lekgotla due to some elder members’ view that her dress was too short. Which is more justified: her frustration or the limitation?

Sizophila Mkhize. Picture: Sizophila Ntwenhle Mkhize, Facebook.

When you look at it from the scope of an open and democratic society, sure, sexism abounds in the idea of telling a lady what to wear. From the perspective of a free society, you may start to find some balance. Freedom to wear what one wants against the freedom to voice dissatisfaction and react accordingly are generally two sides of the freedom coin that are tough to square. In today’s narrative, it’s easy to simply side with the lady, mention that it’s just old people who take offence (an act of ageism in itself) and proceed to chant the...