Ben Trovato
6 minute read
22 Jan 2020
5:55 am

CapeNature, your Soleimani moment in killing a croc is the best

Ben Trovato

She was 2.5m long. Or, in terms everyone can understand, 10 belts, six handbags, four pairs of shoes and two wallets.

Dear CapeNature, During the December holidays you gave permission to a farmer to shoot a crocodile. Well done. If there is anything this country needs, it’s fewer crocodiles. Any animal with that many teeth is an abomination and deserves to die. It’s possible that you have issued several shoot-on-sight orders for a range of species since then, so you might need reminding of the background to this particular case. It all started when the Mossel Bay Advertiser received a photo of a farmer in the Albertinia district holding up a dead crocodile. I have never been there. For all I...