Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
4 Feb 2020
5:16 pm

In a free country, it’s free speech vs free speech

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Katie Hopkins will have a tough time of it in a civil suit regardless of what Josh Pieters sneakily called her.

A slightly censored still from Josh Pieters' YouTube video with Katie Hopkins.

The historically vital right of freedom of expression (commonly referred to as free speech) has solid grounding in legal philosophy the world over. However, there has been a significant attempt in some quarters to shut it down and prevent others from being heard … so when I discovered that last week a South African-born YouTube prankster, Josh Pieters, flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to accept a fake award and “make her feel a little bit silly”, was he in the wrong? What most people get wrong with the concept of freedom of speech is that they believe it is universal...