William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
8 Feb 2020
6:23 am

WC Health gets bloodied nose over doctors’ ‘theft’ case

William Saunderson-Meyer

Mbombo announced that she opposed NHI because it would make WCH 'useless and dysfunctional'. Nope, Dr M. Not possible. Your managers are already useless and dysfunctional.

William Saunderson-Meyer.

A vindictive, protracted and costly campaign against three young doctors for “unlawfully removing two blue chairs with the intent to permanently deprive Tygerberg Hospital of its possessions” is finally over. And it ends in a deservedly humiliating defeat for the over-zealous bureaucrats of Western Cape Health (WCH). After an appeal to the sectoral bargaining council, the department’s heavy-handed disciplinary sanctions were ruled “substantively unfair”. The council also ordered the expungement of the theft finding from the records. The storm in a teacup, which nevertheless spotlights failings in WCH’s attitude to its professional staff, as well as a cavalier approach to...