Ben Trovato
5 minute read
12 Feb 2020
6:20 am

The advertising industry isn’t helping to save the planet

Ben Trovato

The genuinely altruistic greening of the advertising industry sounds about as likely as Hlaudi Motsoeneng getting a doctorate in the humanities.

When one’s increasingly infrequent thoughts turn to those in the frontlines of the battle to save the Earth, one does not immediately think of the advertising industry. Conversely, when one thinks of the advertising industry, one’s thoughts frequently turn to what one can do to hasten the demise of the planet. I have seen ads on the telly so crushingly awful that it’s not enough to want to kill myself. I want to kill everyone else, too, just to make absolutely sure that nobody can inflict such atrocities on any living thing ever again. Failing that, there should be a...