Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
11 Feb 2020
3:08 pm

Thank the gods for PAIA

Richard Anthony Chemaly

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) has been a vital instrument in the fight to maintain democracy post 94. What would we have done without it?

Richard Anthony Chemaly. Entertainment attorney, radio broadcaster and lecturer of communication ethics.

What’s up with the state hiding things from us? They try it so often that we even forget some of the times in the not-so-distant past. By way of example, remember during the Nkandla debacle there was the matter of the national key points and how you weren’t allowed to photograph them, but you also weren’t allowed to know what they were? Of course you probably only remembered that now that it’s being mentioned again, but admit it … you had all but forgotten about it prior to 30 seconds ago. The latest PAIA bullet was fired at the department...