Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
17 Feb 2020
5:30 am

Embracing my little sister’s love of Valentine’s Day

Jennie Ridyard

Perhaps, I might put on my own red shirt and shoes and embrace any passing happiness while it’s there.

Jennie Ridyard.

My little sister, age 46, is the happiest person I know. She may be the happiest person in the world. On Friday, I phoned home and my mum said Lucy had chosen to wear red, most notably a shirt saying “Love! Love! Love!” because of the day that it was. When I spoke to her myself, she was all giggles and joy. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jennie!” she exclaimed. Lucy had no Valentine – not that I know of anyway – but she embraced the occasion with the delight that she approached every other possible glint or sliver of potential happiness,...