Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
20 Apr 2020
6:10 am

And suddenly my sick father is weeks away from me, no matter what I try

Jennie Ridyard

Ten-thousand kilometres. Fourteen days. That’s how far away I am from where I need to be, from my childhood home.

Jennie Ridyard.

When I left end of January, having helped my mum line things up for my sick father and sorted out practicalities, I made her a promise: 24 hours, that’s how close I was. Just one day. I was always almost there, I told my mum. She was not alone. Regardless, I would fly back to South Africa in mid-April. Not that long, I said. My sister in the Cape was even closer, as little as five hours away given time to pack, to travel. All our parents needed to do was sound the alarm. We were the cavalry, boots polished,...