Trevor Cramer
Senior sports sub-editor
2 minute read
28 Apr 2020
7:00 am

Lockdown Diaries: Catching up on some sports legends

Trevor Cramer

Call me dippy in this age of instant gratification, but I went on a massive reading bender. I turned to my 'Sports Lockdown Library'.

Reading books.

The past five weeks has forced us to find novel ways of combating the frustrations of confinement. Barring the odd soujourn perhaps to the supermarket or pharmacy to stock up on essentials, we have been housebound due to the ravages of an invisible enemy with the same name as a well-known Mexican beer brand. I am fortunate to work from home but that too, has its challenges as four adults – myself, my wife and two grown boys – compete for space and bandwidth in a rearranged living room. How one spends down time is probably just as important as...