Martin Williams
3 minute read
13 May 2020
6:18 am

Zumas, The Citizen first published the suicide note – and no, Chikane was not involved

Martin Williams

The story about Kate Mantsho's suicide was published first by The Citizen in May 2006. Here's all you need to know about how exactly that went down.

Martin Williams, DA councillor and former editor of The Citizen.

A good, resourceful journalist builds a contact list and checks facts. Such qualities are missing from recent coverage of how Jacob Zuma’s third wife Kate’s suicide note became news. The subject was resurrected in Zooming with the Zumas on YouTube, featuring Jacob and Duduzane, son of Kate. In ensuing tweets Frank Chikane, former director-general in Thabo Mbeki’s presidency, is maligned. Kate died in December 2000, when Duduzane was 16. The suicide note story was published first by The Citizen in May 2006. Chikane had no role in this, despite accusations then and now. The resourceful journalist was senior reporter Werner...