Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
13 May 2020
6:45 am

There are many we still need to lock up despite this lockdown

Cliff Buchler

The hope that murder and rape would abate during isolation has been dashed.

Cliff Buchler.

Sickos are still around. Sorry, probably not the ideal subject to inflict on you while imprisoned but then again, you might find some time after the chores and exercise to think on these things and find solutions. Whenever I hear of a murder or rape, my mind immediately centres on the victims. The lives of parents, spouses, children are left with indelible pain and suffering. A horror and heart-wrenching life changer. But here’s the thing. Emphasis is mainly placed on the perpetrators. Court cases are all about them and how their money-grabbing attorneys are going to have them found not...