Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
15 May 2020
6:20 am

We’re all fighting the good fight

Dirk Lotriet

It’s much easier to be a responsible activist nowadays. You go into exile in your own home. You still wear a mask, smoke tobacco, and you wear underwear during winter.

A fashionable protective face mask on display at Wolfgang Schinke's tailoring studio in the Silk City of Krefeld, Germany, 20 April 2020. Because his business with a tailor shop was closed for a long time due to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Schinke created a small and highly exclusive collection of face masks in cooperation with his friend Pierre Zielinski. They made the couture pieces to order, the price depending on material and effort. Ten percent of the revenue will go to the 'Krefelder Tafel' social project. Picture: EPA-EFE/SASCHA STEINBACH

Uncle Cyril was right on Wednesday evening: I don’t doubt that decisions relating to government’s handling of the coronavirus have been made in good faith. I have all the sympathy in the world for the decision-makers. But I can’t agree that all government decisions are reasonable and rational. Damn, some of these decisions have left me flabbergasted. Like the smoke ban. The most bizarre part of it is the explanation of the thought process behind it. When people zol… The worst, however, has to be Minister Ebrahim Patel’s ridiculous regulations on winter clothing sales. Look, I’m the first to admit...