Guy Hawthorne
2 minute read
18 May 2020
7:11 am

‘Distressed white’ is not just a colour of paint during this lockdown

Guy Hawthorne

I have no one but myself to blame. Having been put on enforced leave for a week because of the dire economic situation as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, I was concerned that I would die of boredom.

White paint. Picture: Facebook

It was really stupid of me, I know, but I mentioned this to the missus, who decided it would be a good idea for me to repaint our kitchen cupboards and drawers, which were covered in a peeling, unattractive, pseudo-pine laminate. “Distressed white,” she declared. “That would look really nice.” “Distressed” white? Growing up, white was white. But a quick search of the internet confirmed that times have, indeed, changed. The first site I clicked on listed more shades of white than I’ve had hot breakfasts. There was Cloud White, Snow White, Brilliant White, Pure White, Dove White, Chalk White,...