William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
23 May 2020
7:00 am

The ANC wants to reshape SA … into what?

William Saunderson-Meyer

By bringing the economy to its knees, the virus gives SA a chance ‘to start all over’ – but the lay of the land looks to be mostly sloping towards disaster.

Homeless people queue to recieve food packages at a food distribution point at Kwa Mai Mai near Maboneng, 13 April 2020. Workers tried repeatedly to ensure social distancing to no avail. SDI Force and the City of Joburg distributed over 470 food parcels to people from the region around KwaMai Mai, Jeppestown and Denver. Although many food packages were distributed a large number of homeless people arrived and could not get any food. They complained that they were not on the lists and that no-one had come to them to get their names. Organisers managed to give a number of them food packages, but many didn’t get anything. They explained that they need the numbers of people to be efficient at distribution as ther is many more people that need food than there is food available for them to distribute. Picture: Neil McCartney

Covid-19’s greatest threat may not lie in the swathe of death that it leaves in its wake. Nor its crippling of the economy. Potentially more devastating is the space that it has opened for an innately dirigiste ANC government for social, political and economic engineering. There are many from the radical left, both in the ANC and outside it, to champion such a destructive course. Although he is not the first to do so, Dumisani Mpafa articulated this strategy of burning down the house to get rid of the mice, during a webinar hosted this week by management consultants BEE...