Hugh Eley
2 minute read
26 May 2020
8:00 am

Lockdown Diaries: Are the Boks men or mousses?

Hugh Eley

Take prop Ollie le Roux, a man not to be trifled with. Ollie’s dessert is chocolate mousse, which might account for his 126kg fighting weight.

Oxtail with polenta

When I have a couple of days off, I feel it is my duty to help She Who Must Be Obeyed around the house. I can’t just loll around the house while she sweeps and dusts. It makes me feel guilty. I usually get as far as deep-cleaning the bathroom and shower, by which time she has swept most of the house. But I can cook, and even made bobotie this week. Truth be said, you can’t really go wrong if the instructions are on the packet – and I didn’t even burn the egg topping. It passed the She...