Mukoni Ratshitanga
5 minute read
29 May 2020
7:20 am

The global side of virus recovery

Mukoni Ratshitanga

The world is presented with enormous challenges in the post-Covid-19 recovery phase. Finicky market sentiments will add to the woes.

Image: iStock

As countries throughout the world move towards the relaxation of measures imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, expectations abound for speedy economic recovery to mitigate human suffering, which is already being compared to that of the 1929 Great Depression. For many, and especially countries of the Global South, Covid-19 will exacerbate already intolerable levels of inequality, poverty, and unemployment. This underscores the need for the urgent return to economic functionality. And while no one can predict the future in precise terms for each country, it is nevertheless reasonable to estimate a measure of social and political instability in...