Hagen Engler
3 minute read
31 May 2020
9:37 am

Till we meet face to face, words are all we have

Hagen Engler

There’s someone I seldom see these days. Perhaps once in a while on a WhatsApp when we engage the video by mistake. A random Instagram post with her face on it, that I might linger on a bit longer than others…

Hagen Engler.

But those images are not our faces, I’m coming to realise. A face is not just an arrangement of features, a shape that can be easily rendered as pixels and fired through the broadband network for presentation to others. Our faces, and our physical bodies, are so dynamic, real and responsive. They are an authentic expression of our living selves. This person I used to see, I really miss her face these days. Perhaps more than her spirit. The spirit you can access through verbal and written communication, which transcends the physical. But ah, our bodies, our faces. She has...