Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo
2 minute read
20 Aug 2020
5:08 am

What is there to celebrate about a man who refuses to do right by his children?

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo

I shudder at the thought of what it must be like to be a wife to a man with so many apologists surrounding him that he remains charismatic to his followers, while women suffer at his hands.

Former president Jacob Zuma at the State Capture Commission in Parktown, 16 July 2019. Picture Neil McCartney

At what point do we admit the abusive nature of the man that is Jacob Zuma. We are all in agreement about the abuses he committed to the economy and the nation. Many men in the country scurry to justify his patriarchal behaviour. They say some matters are personal and are matters to be discussed by the family; matters that may never leave the table at the Nkandla homestead. But his acts of abuse do. They go as far as the Netherlands in search of asylum in the form of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, better known as Khwezi until her death....