Terence Corrigan
4 minute read
14 Sep 2020
3:52 pm

Powerful as they are, words are not enough, Cyril

Terence Corrigan

South Africa needs more than promises of 'structural reform' but real evidence, if President Cyril Ramaphosa hopes to see his policy choices vindicated by history.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: AFP

Words are powerful things. They are the vehicle through which sentiments and ideas are shared, and thus through which worldviews are shaped – for which reason they are the tools of leaders. They make what is complex comprehensible. They inform, explain and enlighten. They can also confuse and obfuscate. South Africa’s economic crisis was brought into sharp focus by the release of its second-quarter economic data. The decline in GDP of over 16% from the first quarter – and a staggering 51% if this is annualised – which bespeaks a country in deep trouble. Yet it was left to journalists...