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9 Nov 2020
4:55 am

America must honour its ethos


They must not lose that in this time of uncertainty.

Supporters of the Democratic party hold signs outside the Miami-Dade County Election Department in Miami, Florida on November 3, 2020. The US started voting Tuesday in an election amounting to a referendum on Donald Trump's uniquely brash and bruising presidency, which Democratic opponent and frontrunner Joe Biden urged Americans to end to restore "our democracy." (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP)

Donald Trump and his supporters refuse to accept his defeat in this week’s watershed presidential election. It’s not surprising, given the penchant for conspiracy theories by Trump and his devotees, that all manner of scapegoats are being blamed for the loss – everything from the “mainstream media” to the “deep state”, to George Soros and Bill Gates with, no doubt, a smattering of “lizard people” thrown in for good measure. We do agree with Trump, though, that these issues belong in the courts of America, not in the ignorant courts of social media. In a proper court, as opposed to...