2 minute read
16 Nov 2020
4:52 am

Fugitive Bushiri must be extradited – the sooner, the better


We’ve got news for Bushiri – you don’t get to make demands. You are a fugitive, having broken pretty much all your bail conditions. Bushiri must be extradited. The sooner, the better.

Shepherd Bushiri. Picture: Jacques Nelles

How on earth did Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary leave the country, while out on bail on charges of alleged corruption? The self-proclaimed prophet is back in his home country Malawi having broken bail conditions by not reporting to the South African authorities on Friday, and skipping the country. The controversial millionaire and his wife were last month arrested on charges of alleged theft, fraud and money laundering in connection to a R102 million investment scheme. The couple this month were granted bail of R200,000 each with the magistrate deeming they were not a flight risk. The incident is...