Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
21 Nov 2020
5:20 am

My bathroom, and I, are gutted

Carine Hartman

One day it’s sand and cement, the next two days nothing happens while we all stare at grey walls drying.

Bathroom being renovated. Picture: iStock

That leaking pipe that has tripped our power for the last six years is the next to go after my medical aid, I decide. I haven’t used the plugs in my lounge since the day we moved in and I have had it with tripping over extension cords running from the entrance hall just so we can binge on TV. So Popeye doesn’t get the job: I call my real Plumber’s Crack for a quote – and decide that if I have to fork out R3 000 for new pipes in the guest toilet I may as well go big....