Earl Coetzee
Premium News Editor
5 minute read
10 Jan 2021
9:45 pm

Your opinion sucks and you should be ashamed of it

Earl Coetzee

Claiming that all opinions are equally valid has become something people with uninformed opinions say to make themselves feel better about not having a clue what they're talking about.

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"All opinions are equally valid, and you shouldn't shame someone for expressing theirs." As a child this is something my parents and teachers told me, in order to teach me that asking questions and debating differences of opinion should be seen as a way to learn from others. This openness to differing views served me well. It prompted me to ask questions about religion, politics, history, and science, and lead to many hours debating friends, teachers, and anyone who would lend me an ear throughout my school years. This lead to a love for reading and exploring new ideas and...