Martin Williams
3 minute read
20 Jan 2021
4:45 am

Don’t leave us in the dark

Martin Williams

Residents seek explanations, which are scarce.

Eskom load shedding. Picture Ian Landsberg / African News Agency (ANA)

People will tolerate a lot of inconvenience, even hardship, if communication is clear and meaningful. Communication is Johannesburg’s big weakness, underlying many service delivery failures. Residents would be happier if for each problem, these questions were answered: What’s the explanation? What’s the plan? When can we expect resolution? The city has more than enough paid communication staff. Most of them haven’t a clue what’s happening. And the last thing on their minds is to send out crisp messages keeping residents informed. ALSO READ: Load shedding a ‘high probability’ for the next three months – analyst Do you know why there are...