Hagen Engler
4 minute read
21 Jan 2021
3:49 pm

On coincidence, random meetings and the social role of the public bar

Hagen Engler

We need the bar scenes in our lives. Or at least the knowledge that they are there, available to us if we need them.

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I am what could be termed a sporadic drinker. We – I use the royal "We" when discussing getting pissed – go months at a time without sampling the sublime joys of the bottle. Sometimes this is voluntary, sometimes our teetotalism comes at the pleasure of the National Coronavirus Command Council. Afterwards, we embark on a series of magnificent relaunches. We play rock n roll shows, we watch sporting events. We dispense the worst possible relationship advice to old friends. We report, polished and clean, for first meetings with promising new acquaintances. At one time we lived in speculative apprehension...