1 minute read
2 Feb 2021
7:01 am

Covid-19 vaccines offer a ray of hope


The vaccination ball is at last rolling and will accelerate from here on in.

South Africa received its first batch of one million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from India on Monday. Picture: GCIS

In this global coronavirus pandemic, with hospitalisations, death and lockdowns all around, it’s easy to take a pessimistic “the glass is half-empty” view of life. At the risk of being called “sunshine” journalists, though, we would like to say that after yesterday, when our vaccine programme effectively began, perhaps we should see our glass as half-full. READ MORE: Q&A: Should you be afraid of the vaccine? A doctor weighs in The first one million doses of Covid-19 vaccine arrived from India and after they have been “quarantined” themselves for about two weeks, they will start to be administered to 1,250,000 health...