Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
22 Feb 2021
8:32 am

There is murder everywhere, and our farmers are vulnerable

Jennie Ridyard

Now I object to murder being turned into a political or a race issue. I’m infuriated when one killing is deemed more terrible than another, one victim more pitiable.

Farmers are pictured outside Senekal magistrates court on the 6th of October 2020. The support was in retaliation of the murder of 22 year old Brendin Horner. When the crowd heard the suspects were still at the courtroom, they attempted to break into the holding cells and the situation turned volatile, with police cars being turned over and set on fire. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

I was chatting to a Cape olive farmer the other week, a real character formed by the sunbaked earth and the sporadic rain. “If I was in the South of France I’d be an actual GOD,” she said, laughing, but instead she labours daily under the strain of two massive bank loans. She’s always teetering. She hasn’t had a holiday in forever. “But look at this view!” she said. “Look at this place. We might be murdered in our beds, but just look at it!” I looked, and I bought the olive oil – a third of her business dried...