Richard Chemaly
5 minute read
23 Feb 2021
2:06 pm

Do matric results really mean anything?

Richard Chemaly

Are we really celebrating the right achievements, ask Richard Chemaly, when we ignore the child who scored 65% while facing a barrage of challenges, at the expense of one who scored 80% while having all the opportunities in the world?

Pupils from Saheti School in Johannesburg celebrate after receiving their 2020 matric results. Picture: Michel Bega

Congratulations to the matric class of 2020! Hopefully your generation can ask the tough questions that our generation hasn’t. Good luck with that. I’ve always been astonished at our tone when it comes to the matric results. We seem to revel in general stats that, with a little investigation, tell an incomplete picture. Now, take nothing away from the kids with multiple distinctions, schools with 100% pass rates and teachers adding another perfect year to their records. While we’re not taking anything away from them, perhaps it’s time to start looking at giving something to those who did well but...