Marizka Coetzer
3 minute read
26 Feb 2021
8:32 am

First day of Grade 1 in a pandemic is terrifying

Marizka Coetzer

I, too, was scared of Grade 1. Not because it’s new, but because of Covid-19. How was my child going to cope with all of this and a virus?

School during Covid-19 pandemic. Picture: iStock

Back to school, back to reality, was the theme of February for me. However, the soundtrack did not sound like a fond childhood melody but rather like a scene from a scary movie with terrifying sound effects. Raising children isn’t easy – ask any parent. “One day when you have children, you will see,” my mother said occasionally, accompanied with a wooden spoon named Klaar gepraat, aka Done Talking. This was going to be the year my blue-eyed blonde wild child would start school. As a 30-something single mom, the thought of Grade 1 was nerve-wracking – from ticking off...