Neo Thale
Night digital supervisor
2 minute read
11 Mar 2021
5:45 am

Wits protests: The high price of failed promises

Neo Thale

We, as a country, have to become more realistic in what we expect government to deliver.

Wits University students clash with security, 9 March 2021, during a protest as they demand that all academically deserving students must be allowed to register, including those with historical debt. Picture: Michel Bega

Desperation for education – the only way out of poverty for many people – is encapsulated in two tragic stories which show how quickly desperation becomes frustration and then violence. Outside Wits University, for the second day in a row, police fought running battles with students who want to ensure they get funding to continue their university education. In the chaos, police fired rubber bullets at close range at a man who wasn’t a student – and he died, becoming tragic collateral damage in a situation rapidly spiralling out of control. In Limpopo, angry community members chased away a principal...