Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
12 May 2020
7:20 am

The Zumas Zoom into victim mode… again

Sydney Majoko

The public begging for pity through Jacob Zuma’s new reality series on YouTube must have no bearing on his guilt or innocence.

Duduzane Zuma sit next to his father former president Jacob Zuma at the Randburg Magistrate Court in Johannesburg. Duduzane Zuma is facing a culpable homicide charge after crashing into a taxi in 2014.

The bizarre public interaction between Jacob Zuma and his favourite son, Duduzane, has broken the country’s lockdown slumber with the release of recorded conversations between themselves via YouTube. In the rhyming-titled series Zooming with the Zumas, they invite the public into select sections of their private lives, as well as public events that they have, until now, not shared their personal views on. Were it not for who they are, this would be just another reality television series and would be considered quite boring because of its format. But the two main characters in this charade are no ordinary citizens....