Danie Toerien
2 minute read
30 Mar 2021
8:32 am

Putting the brakes on wheelies

Danie Toerien

Just have to find the brake on the wheelchair before we reach the bottom. 

Closeup disabled man hand on wheel of wheelchair. Picture: iStock

So, for six weeks she had to drive me around after my shoulder operation and, as you know, I did drive her slightly round the bend in that time. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak. Last week, she managed to trip and fall down three steps. Happened in a heartbeat. One moment she was fine, but a thud, snap and blood-freezing scream later, she was on her way to hospital. The X-ray confirmed what we already knew, and she was booked for surgery. Fast-forward three days – but in slow motion, because with a...