Hagen Engler
5 minute read
4 Apr 2021
7:00 am

The obvious question: Why are we working five days a week?

Hagen Engler

The concepts of work, employment and income all need to be rethought, writes Hagen Engler, as he dreams of a 4-day work week and the Universal Income Grant.

An informal labourer tries to get work for the day in Primrose, 12 November 2020. Picture: Neil McCartney

As South Africans, we know how the year works. You start with a couple of intense months, but then once you reach March, you get into public holiday season, and you’re unlikely to work a five-day week until about June! This is when we are at our best. In terms of work, we somehow manage to power through the week at full productivity, eyes always on the prize of a long weekend, starting on Friday. Ideally the next Monday is a holiday too, and we’re able to emerge invigorated for another four-day spurt! Precisely what the reasons for the holidays...