Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
13 Apr 2021
5:35 am

Judicial rot stops with John Hlophe

Sydney Majoko

Had the state capture architects succeeded in getting Hlophe to influence decisions in SA’s apex court, it would have been lights out for the country’s young democracy.

Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe. Picture: Twitter/@defineracism1

  The news that Judge John Hlophe has been found guilty of gross misconduct 12 years after two Constitutional Court judges accused him of trying to influence their rulings on a case involving former president Jacob Zuma might appear to be a bit out of place now, considering how times have changed. It is good that a judge as senior as Hlophe faces impeachment – but that he successfully fended off the judiciary’s attempts to hold him to account for over a decade is an indictment on this important arm of government. The shocking aspect of the finding against Hlophe...