Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
10 May 2021
7:32 am

First World countries dishing dirt on clean energy

Brendan Seery

All of us in the developing world are suffering so that the rich in the global north can have a comfortable life and a clean conscience.

Electric vehicle is changing in street. Picture: iStock

One of the most common “bangmaak stories” you’ll hear from the conservative business and political establishment in South Africa is that x action or y statement or z policy will have the terrible effect of scaring away precious “foreign investment”. It’s a such an effective scare story because few people bother to interrogate it. The question which needs to be asked, when it comes to foreign investment, is: What is the real benefit? A good example was the investment, around the time of our first democratic elections, by Irish businessman Tony O’Reilly into what is now known as Independent Newspapers....