Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo
2 minute read
2 Sep 2021
7:10 am

Women can learn an important lesson from Khanyi Mbau

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo

Over the years, we’ve seen women are put through the wringer, unable to pack up and leave because finances are so unbalanced

Television personality Khanyi Mbau with her millionaire Zimbabwean-born partner, Terrence Mushonga. Picture: Instagram

There is nothing more that I would rather pretend does not exist more than relationships of those in the public space. When I see the posts on social media, almost all the time I hastily move on without a care in the world. After all, we all know the trials and tribulations of relationships. No-one is immune. But what would make it worse would be the court of public opinion weighing heavily on an already emotionally taxing matter – and a matter that is ever so personal. This was the case when social media erupted with the most recent news...