Martin Williams
3 minute read
13 Oct 2021
6:40 am

Load shedding: Dark City beckons for Jozi

Martin Williams

There are many paying customers who have not had power for more than a week.

Eskom said the power system is under severe pressure due to generating unit breakdowns. Picture: iStock

As a councillor dealing with power outages, I think electricity and load shedding is a big issue in the 1 November local government election. There is a stark contrast between what’s being offered to voters in two metros. The governing party in Johannesburg wants to take over from Eskom as supplier to Soweto. Yet City Power is not coping with Joburg’s existing network. Load shedding's return The latest spate of rolling blackouts exacerbated a dire situation where City Power depots were already overburdened. There are too few technicians chasing too many calls and not enough spares or cash to catch...