William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
20 Nov 2021
6:15 am

Phoenix inquiry via the SAHRC is a bad joke

William Saunderson-Meyer

To discover the truth behind the 33 tragic deaths in Phoenix and the 320 that occurred elsewhere — cannot be done the cadre-dominated SAHRC.

Picture for illustration purposes. Picture: iStock

A feminist, a minister, and a recycled politician walk into a room. “Give us three million bucks and three weeks and we’ll tell you why at least 359 people died, R50 billion of property was damaged and 150 000 jobs were put at risk.” No, this is not a riff on an old joke. The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), a fully owned subsidiary of ANC (Pty) Ltd, has been delegated by Cyril Ramaphosa, CEO of the aforesaid, to determine the cause of the Julypublic violence. There are only three commissioners, no investigatory staff and already obvious, a clear agenda....